The Blondes

Originally posted on Facebook in 2013

Maybe it’s too soon to talk about it.

I held Shammy in my arms as the Vet administered that final shot. She passed very peacefully and we brought her home and buried her with the rest of the pets in the back yard.

I could not help but think of the final moments of my MIL’s life.

She died alone.

We had spent hours and hours with her in hospice. The day she died we had an appointment and then decided to have lunch before going to the hospital. When we got there and walked into the room she was dead. The nurses had turned her not 10 minutes prior.

She was still warm.

We told the nurse who shut the door and let us spend some time with her. I hope Lily was there to meet Shammy when she passed and my blondes are back together again. I’m sorry if this is morbid. But it’s what is on my mind. I think being with someone or a pet a they pass is an honor.

And may everyone pass peacefully.

Lily Strange Socci and Champagne “shammy”

A Star is Born

A Star is Born, what a beautiful story that was all too close to my own. For me the becoming a star was my launch from working in the theater (backstage) to having a very successful career in IT. And, having Charley get so jealous and resentful of me when I got my job at Microsoft. And, my loyalty to him — even through the cruelty, addiction, and his recovery.

The one tiny detail they nailed, and probably went unnoticed, was the dog. The dog was sitting outside of the garage when Bradley Cooper’s character killed himself.

When I found Charley. Lucy and Thelma were laying right next to him. After he was gone, Lucy would sit by the door and watch for him. It was heartbreaking.

I feel it’s important to tell these stories — to not sweep feelings under the rug. I know this kind of story is not what people want to read on a sunny Sunday morning.

It’s made me who I am today…which is someone that stands up and lives her truth. I just wish there was a way for others to get to this place without having to go through this kind of life altering event.